It is widely accepted that non profit bodies such as voluntary and community organisations should consider the diversity of their sources of revenue in order to spread risk and maximise income potential.  If you decide to broaden your portfolio of income streams, it will require investment of time and money, so it is important to get it right.

If you are new to fundraising, or a particular method, and wish to strengthen your fundraising mix, or if you want to raise funds more effectively, then you will like our friendly fundraising advice and mentoring services.

If you are experienced in raising funds, but do not have colleagues working in the same field to bounce ideas off, it can be helpful to have a second opinion from an external perspective. We can work with you to add value in a variety of ways; such as when deciding which fundraising ventures will work best, if seeking a creative fundraising angle, or when producing fundraising project plans or your fundraising strategy.

Guidance from a fundraising specialist will help keep you on track, and ensure risk is reduced, net income maximised and supporters satisfied.


Advice on fundraising methods

We offer advice across a wide range of proven fundraising techniques including community fundraising, fundraising events, grant giving trusts and foundations, legacy giving, corporate giving and commercial partnerships.

Advice on how to develop your fundraising

We offer fundraising advice and mentoring, and provide training to help you build on-going, regular income from supporters that grow in number and commitment.

This includes guidance on gathering qualitative and quantitative evidence of the impact of the work you do.   This helps prove that you provide an important service, whilst also sparking emotional stimulus for people to provide the funds to help you do it.

We can also help with your communications mix to convey the importance of what you do, raise awareness of your brand, and to promote your services and fundraising initiatives.

We want there to be a low level of attrition amongst your donors, volunteers and fundraisers, and a high level of loyalty!   So, we work with you to facilitate excellent supporter satisfaction, through a first-rate ‘supporter journey’.  This results in a positive and fulfilling experience, that satisfies their needs and ensures that the people that help you know how much they are valued.

Volunteers often play a central part in carrying out and assisting with your fundraising.   We can advise on what voluntary support you need, finding the right volunteers for the right role, and ensuring they are able and empowered to perform effectively.

It is important to integrate fundraising throughout your organisation by encouraging your stakeholders to be a part of it.  We offer advice on absorbing a fundraising ethos throughout your organisational culture.   Our fundraising advisor can perform public speaking roles at your events, or facilitate training and workshops for contacts to explore how they can help, and to inspire each other to do so.

Whilst welcome, we do not believe staff should feel obligated to fundraise or donate.  There are however, lots of other ways in which colleagues can play a pivotal part in making fundraising successful.  Our fundraising consultant co-ordinates training sessions for non-fundraising staff to discover the central role they can play.

How our advice can work for you

We have flexible, customised packages that can be delivered face to face, online and via telephone. We can provide mentoring on a regular on-going basis, or chip in as required.

If you wish to improve your flow of net income but are unsure where to start we would be delighted to hear from you.

Better still, the first consultation is free and our fundraising expert will help as much as he can.

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