Who we can help

Fundraising for third sector and other non-profit organisations

Regardless of the size of your organisation or fundraising experience, we offer expert fundraising services for an assortment of organisations throughout the UK and Ireland including: charities; community groups; social enterprises; community interest companies; heritage organisations; membership groups; arts organisations; clubs and associations; churches and other places of worship; voluntary groups; nurseryprimary and secondary schools; PTAs; housing associations; colleges and universities; hospitals; youth clubs; sports clubs and philanthropic bodies.

Fundraising by companies and other employers

We use the same principles to help companies and other employers maximise the money they generate for charities, schools, and community organisations. We do this by providing fundraising advice, planning and project delivery.

Well thought out charity partnerships can reinforce brand awareness as a socially responsible organisation, as well as improving staff well-being and team spirit through volunteering. 

Often your company can benefit in ways that are uniquely offered by the organisation you support. This can include reducing staff absenteeism and improving performance by educating and supporting colleagues to lead a healthier lifestyle or providing early detection of medical conditions.

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