Potential supporters

Fundraising is about making friends for your organisation! When you make friends who believe in your work, then the money will follow as they are given the opportunity to help.

Stakeholders already have an interest in what you do and want to see you succeed. You know who they are better than anyone but it may include:

Suppliers that you purchase goods and services from; staff; trustees, governors, council of management or other  governing bodies; organisations that you work with, as well as the individuals that make up those organisations; beneficiaries and their friends, family and colleagues; customers; volunteers; members; supporters; donors; alumni; community organisations; spectators; audiences or your congregation.

People and organisations support good causes and there is a wealth of opportunity throughout your community and beyond. Some may have limited understanding of the importance of what you do but they can be enlightened through a mix of traditional and online communication methods. Some people and organisations that could be given the opportunity to help you are:

Individuals, families, companies and other employers such as your local supermarket, the PSNI or fire service, philanthropic organisations such as Rotary and Lions clubs, places of worship, schools, MLAs, local council members, media and an abundance of societies and associations from archery to yacht clubs that raise funds as part of their social activities.