Diversifying Income Streams for Charities and Non-profits

If you represent a charity, a non-profit organisation, or a social enterprise, there might come a time when you choose to diversify your income streams. Perhaps you’ve been dependent on trusts or paid work, but now you’re keen to explore other feasible options.

Engaging Your Community

As you endeavour to galvanise the support of individuals in your community, there’s one vital thing to remember: bring your people with you.

Fundraising isn’t merely about hiring a professional fundraiser and leaving them to it. It’s a collective philosophy that should pervade throughout your entire organisation, involving all members.

Cultivating a Fundraising Culture

This doesn’t necessarily imply asking everyone to fundraise or donate money. What it does entail is a subtle shift in culture. Everyone in the organisation needs to comprehend and embrace their potential role in the fundraising process.

People can contribute in a multitude of ways:

The Power of Inclusion

Opening the doors of your charity to the public and inviting people in provides an opportunity for everyone to understand your cause better. It’s a chance for your staff to proudly share their stories, spread the word on their social media, and come up with brilliant ideas.

As you devise your diversification strategy, ensure the very first step includes all your stakeholders, especially your staff, so they accompany you on this journey.

Are you ready to diversify your income and expand your fundraising reach? Start today. Encourage your team to participate, champion your cause, and help you take your charity to new heights.